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Transform your student data – Prospect to Alumni.

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Improve communication between students, alumni, faculty and staff with a more personalized and modernized way of interaction.

Streamline Business Processes

The Salesforce and Banner integration allows for more meaningful engagement to thrive in higher education communities.

With MuleSoft or Jitterbit as a middle-ware, this two-way integration guarantees a clean transfer of academic terms, programs, departments, faculty, staff, students, their academic terms, attributes, cohorts, GPA, holds, phones, and addresses.

Accurate data from all data sources is a must for building a single source of truth that is both reliable and trusted. Engagement built on trusted data is key for a successful communication.

Personalize engagement with Salesforce’s point and click functionality, automate your processes, emails and notifications to students, staff, and more.

Banner and Salesforce Integration Flow

Increase Efficiency

Locating a student in Banner can be problematic, with the usage of wild card symbols, memorizing key strokes, etc.

With Salesforce, besides the ability to consolidate multiple forms into one single lightning page, the native search functionality allows an advisor to easily locate the student record, even engage with him on the same page, and easily navigate to and from different data points within Salesforce.

Salesforce Search

Better User Interface, Better User Experience

Accessing the important data that you need on a single student in Banner might be hassle as you have to go through multiple forms.

By leveraging Salesforce Lightning pages, you can consolidate multiple views into one single Salesforce form that contains all the information an advisor needs to successfully do their job.

Banner User Interface

Visualize Integrated Data

Salesforce and Banner integration allows for more meaningful data insight.

For instance, the customized Salesforce Students Indicators dashboard allows you to track key indicators such as first year admits by state, international students by country, seniors by school, and more.

Salesforce Dashboard Student Data
Banner and Salesforce Integration Architecture