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Conga Composer

Create, track, and manage on-brand documents automatically.

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Conga Composer
Businesses run on documents and trust. Conga automates the tedious processes of businesses and provides actionable insights, so our customer can focus on what matters.
Conga Highlights

Accelerate Your Business

Get up and running quickly with Composer to reduce document delivery time. Gain additional insights with notifications and document history that increase visibility, speeding up team velocity, processes, and business cycles.

Automate For Consistency

Automate document creation to eliminate manual tasks using workflows that initiate and complete customer engagements based on any added logic. Standardize what you send to ensure you land on-brand, every time.

Flexible to Fit Any Solution

Pull data from across Salesforce objects, orgs, and external systems – like ERP, Marketing, and HR. This creates customized, personalized, and on time reports and documents with delivery-ease for every scenario.

Generate Any Document

With Conga composer, generate quotes, proposals, account plans, invoices, receipts, contracts, work orders, reports & charts, shipping documents, and more, into the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML email.