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Einstein Chatbots

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Einstein chatbots.

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Einstein Chatbots
Build and manage Einstein Bots to ease the load on your service agents. Bots can handle routine requests and free your agents to handle more complex issues. Bots also gather pre-chat information and save time.
Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Devices

Deliver more intelligent, satisfying self-service.

Help customers resolve top, routine issues with Einstein Bots — Salesforce chatbots that can take action like checking claims status or modifying orders using natural language processing on real-time channels like SMS, chat, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Deliver AI-powered contextual recommendations.

Combine your business rules and predictive models to surface the right offer at the right time in any self-service experience for every customer with Einstein Next Best Action. Unlock insights from your data — both Salesforce data and third-party data — to deliver recommended actions, in real time, right in the agent workspace.

Give service reps the information they need, fast.

Immediately engage your customers with Einstein Bots to collect and qualify customer information for seamless handoff to agents. Save your agents time by using AI to analyze incoming cases and predict case fields for any language with Einstein Case Classification. Save agents even more time by automating the initial case triage process. Automatically apply predictions and then route cases to the right agents with Einstein Case Routing.

Deploy Einstein AI rapidly and configure it easily.

Einstein is simple to set up, train, and deploy with native Salesforce UI and intuitive controls. Create CRM-connected chatbots and AI-powered decision strategies connected to business process, back-end systems, and digital channels with clicks, not code. Because Einstein is native to our platform, it works across Service Cloud, your channels, and all your CRM data.