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Real-time, bi-directional smart integration solution.

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Connecting QuickBooks for accounting with Salesforce reduces duplicate data entry, increases productivity, and drives more insights for better forecasting.

Breadwinner Appexchange

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online offers a powerful two-way integration solution that easily connects QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. Gain access to imperative data in real-time by using Breadwinner’s intuitive and flexible integration.

The easy installation of Breadwinner’s managed package means you can automatically import & sync data quickly. Syncing live both ways ensures data in Salesforce is up-to-date & reflects what is in QuickBooks Online.

Quickbooks Breadwinner Appexchange

Key Features

  • Invoice creation from Account, Opportunity, Order, & Custom Objects
  • Automatic pre-population of line items
  • Invoice status tracking (i.e. paid, overdue, due)
  • Support for multiple accounting orgs
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Designed to safeguard the accounting system
  • Support for Accounts Payable via Invoice creation & tracking
  • Support for Accounts Receivable via Bill & PO creation & tracking
  • Salesforce Lightning ready
  • Salesforce Mobile ready
  • Address & product sync
  • Rapid & easy to go live