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Multi-carrier shipping and returns for Salesforce

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Trusted by 60,000+ users. Fulfill orders, create returns and track in real-time for a 360-degree customer view. Integrates 60+ carriers including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and many more.
Salesforce and Zenkraft Integration

Shipping Labels

Generate shipping labels from any object using our Shipping Wizard, Process Builder or in Bulk. Generate PDF, PNG, GIF and Zebra Labels and print them directly to your printer.

Rating / Quoting

Calculate rates using triggers or process builder on any object. Automatically add shipping cost line items to your Orders, Quotes or our using the Salesforce CPQ shipping quote integration.

Automated Tracking

Shipping status is automatically updated every hour. Send branded tracking emails and expose shipment updates via Communities or Commerce Cloud.


Generate Return Labels from Cases (or any other object) and email to your customers. Track returns in real-time and create reports/dashboards of un-used return labels.